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The recipe may be a bit late this week.  Work has been a little hectic and all of my plans to come through with the cake of the week might have to be pushed to Tuesday instead of Monday!  I promise it will be tasty though!

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Anonymous said:

about how many macarons does that recipe make?

With my batch it made 13 sandwiches or 26 individual cookies! I made some of them a bit larger than intended, actually, so it will vary on the size.

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Earl Grey Macarons!

Here comes week number two and I provide you with another delicious treat that might sound a lot harder than it really is.


No, this isn’t the coconut macaroons that so many people think we’re talking about.  These are macarons or Parisian macarons.  Essentially these are almond meringue cookies with a cream center.  They don’t have to be almond flavoured but you do use almond flour as the base! 

Now, onto the things we’ll need.

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Mimosa Cupcakes!

Now, New Year’s is the time for champagne, resolutions, and the best times with friends.  I found myself invited to a party and not sure of what to bring because there isn’t exactly a ‘New Year’ food, is there? The only thing I could think of was champagne so I sought out to find a very easy recipe to use in a crunch.  I promise I’ll be easy on you and take this recipe step by step even though you should only need one bowl, a hand mixer, a zester, and the list of ingredients. See! Very easy.

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I personally think there should be some sort of TinTin cupcake recipe out there. Because his hair often looks as an icing decoration XD

Actual cutest idea! I’ll have to come up with something for him, certainly! c:

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This is still a bit of a work in progress!  But prepare for all the recipes, fandom related and all.  There should be a recipe a week but forgive me if I seem to get behind and all of that from time to time!  I’ll also be free to answer any questions you might have about baking as well as take suggestions for fandoms, ships, and characters to create recipes for!

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